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2889Re: When you pass

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  • Heather
    May 26, 2007

      I'm glad you brought this up. I was thinking
      the same thing ... just didn't say it=)
      I always wonder why people don't address
      this side of "passing," as well.
      What's the difference anyway?
      It's all the same, in my opinion.
      I can't imagine it to be any less difficult
      for one side or the other (white, black, etc.).
      I think it's just more common for us to
      hear that black people pass as white,
      so we just don't hear about the rest.
      That's unfortunate, too, because... that
      leads many people to believe (misleadingly)
      that the only people who "pass" are black.
      Soooo not true.
      I, too, saw Oprah's show
      and I, too, was surprised.
      Glad to see that there's
      another side to things, though.
      I suppose... if anyone would
      bring it out, it would be Oprah-lol=)


      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      Wendy Arimah <trinidadsvoice@...> wrote:

      Just curious, with all this talk of passing,
      I assume it's in reference to
      passing for 'white', correct?

      What about those who 'pass' for 'black'? ...

      I ask because I knew a woman many years ago ... had all
      the characteristics ... of a black woman. She was darker
      than Oprah (without the lights and heavy foundation) ...

      One day, during a discussion, she mentioned
      the fact that she had White in her family.
      She then showed me a picture of her mother.
      She was the splitting image of her mother,
      except for one thing: her mother was White.
      Straight blonde hair, blue-eyed White.

      To say the least, I was shocked.
      All I could do was say 'WOW'.
      All goes to show, you never know who you're talking to.
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