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2885A note on 'Self-Definition'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    May 26, 2007

      On 'Self-Definition'

      When finding myself speaking with Mixed-Race people 
      who (in reaction to intimidation by pressure from the
      `One-Droppist' – of all "racial" combinations – that
      they have encountered – rather than out of some
      personal choice) feel pressured to go through life
      "passing as a `mono'-racial",  I try to share with them of
      some of the following conclusions I have made about life.

      These conclusions are as follows:

      ***To have the 'courage to acknowledge' one's
      Ethnicity or Family Lineage as being Mixed-Race
      IS NOT the same as "separating oneself from" or
      "denying any part" of one's "Mono"-Racial lineages.

      ***To have the 'fortitude to proclaim' that one's
      Mixed-Race heritage IS NOT about focusing on anything
      as petty or divisive as `visible' skin coloring, hair texture,
      facial features, etc. – NOR IS IT about any measurements
      of `quantum' or `percentage' of "racial" mixtures.

      ***To have the `strength to hold onto' one's Mixed-Race
      heritage IS actually about acknowledging the struggle that
      your ancestors went through (against their volition)
      and their survival -- against all odds -- made in
      order to pave the way for you to exist.

      ***A Mixed-Race person can be so via their Culture
      (such as
      Creoles and Latinos);via their Lineage
      (such as people who are of a Multi-Generational
      Multiracially-Mixed -–
      MGM-Mixed – lineage) ;
      via their Parentage (such as people who are of
      First-Generational Multiracially-Mixed -– FGM-Mixed –
      parentage) – and via their Ethnicity (such as Arabs and
      many of the members of the group that today is generally
      referred to as `
      African-American') ------- and that all
      of these Mixed-Race types can easily describe the
      `unique social, cultural, racial blending' of individuals
      and events `whose presence tells of the struggle
      and championing of proud and strong people'.

      ***Every single Mixed-Race person  -- whether they
      are Mixed-Race via their Culture; Lineage; Parentage
      or Ethnicity --- has just as much a right to acknowledge
      the Multi-RACIAL lineages within their heritage
      – as
      does any Mixed-Race person – no matter their appearance;
      features; experiences; upbringing or choice of `identity'.

      *** Every single Mixed-Race person on earth has
      the God-given right to choose their own individual
      with which they feel most comfortable --
      as, ones' personal acknowledgement, acceptance and
      embracing of a matter is often a thousand times more
      empowering than if the whole world also decided
      to affirm what one already knows to be true.

      Just a thought. ;;)

      Have a great day. :)

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                                                                                  -- M (c) color 

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