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  • Courtney T.
    May 14, 2007
      I agree, some people really are being too pushy about these things.
      While your intentions are to be informative, people
      take their identities seriously and personally.
      It is really not your place to tell someone
      how to personally identify themselves.
      Thank you,

      kier22_2 <kier22_2@...> wrote:

      Hi all,

      I just have to say this & then leave it alone.

      I am noticing a few people on this forum
      telling others how to "classify" themselves.

      Please stop.

      What you choose to call yourself is a personal
      choice & the reason why a lot of us have chosen
      to be a part of 'Generation- Mixed'.
      Partly because others have chosen to "classify" us.
      We know or are at least researching who we are and
      I am sure you have our best interest in heart,
      let the people here "classify" hemselves.

      Thank you,

      "rolyan7" <rolyan7@... > wrote:

      Chasity. Please do some research! You are a "Creole"
      Hispanics, well some are also, a Mix of Indian & White, and Mulatto.
      The term is usually quite commonly in the CARIBBEAN and Lousianna.
      I am a Creole myself and in JAMAICA, i am regarded as a "Browning"
      also be "white" person and also a language.
      All you confused Americans (exception Lousianna) should
      embrace that term more often and identify yourself that way.
      It is so much simplier. Peace and Love to all
      Mulattoes, Creoles, Whites, blacks, etc.

      "queen_jas44" <queen_jas44@ > wrote:

      Hey Chasity,

      I know what you feel like. My mom does to.
      My mom is a dark skin black woman, but everyone else in
      her family is real light and has really straight hair.
      Her grand mother even has blond hair and
      blue eyes, so she always felt out of place.

      Now me i was born with white skin, blue eyes and blond hair.
      My dad is Asian.

      So you know growing up a felt out of place.
      But I was luckily to have my mom there for me and helping me.
      My dad helped too, but girls tend to
      go more to there mom then to there dad.
      I do just say i am black, but I do know i have other things in me.
      If you need any help please email me.

      "kier22_2" <kier22_2@> wrote:

      Hi Chasity,

      I am a light-skinned "black" girl with a mix of Jamacian, Colombian,
      French, Native American & I also have relatives on Grand Turk Island.
      I am older than you but I can understand how hard
      it is not fitting in in school. I didn't either.
      I went to a High School in NYC that was mostly Hispanic.
      I look Hispanic but I am not & I don't speak Spanish.
      So I looked Hispanic and all of the black kids thought group.
      I can tell you one thing that is a fact.
      Be who you are. This hard time is temporary.
      Once you are out of School it wont matter.
      Keep your head up girl & remember to stay true to who you are.
      contact me at kier22_2@ if you want to talk some more.



      Hey I'm Chasity and I'm mainly black and native american.
      I have white, italin, mexican, and jamican
      in me but I mainly am called emoblackgirl.
      I'm emo as you guys hurd from my neck name.
      Im brown skinned with diffrent lengths of hair.
      I go to Pinkneyville and I have a rough time
      there about which race I choose to act like.
      In general I have a bad life. I dont think you
      guys will understand this, being that I'm only 14.
      Well I hope you guys will contact me back.


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