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2818Spolight On: 'Janet Ravare Colson'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    May 13, 2007

      Janet Ravare Colson
      Assistant Director, Louisiana Creole Heritage Center

      Under the steermanship of Janet Colson, the Creole
      Awareness Movement has become a living entity that
      has spread outward from the Cane River/Natchitoches
      area to the far-flung reaches of the globe.

      The  Louisiana Creole Heritage Center was
      established as part of a five-year plan initiated
      by the St. Augustine Historical Society,
      a Natchitoches parish based group.

      The Society was formed over 25 years ago
      to promote and preserve the Creole culture.

      Although its initial focus was the community of Cane River,
      it has broadened its range to include the entire state of
      Louisiana as well as Creole colonies located nation-wide.

      This Center is a reality mainly through the efforts of the
      Society's current president, Mr. Terrel Delphin, along with the
      assistance of a number of its members and various NSU personnel.

      The approval of the University's governing boards
      was sought and obtained in the fall of 1997.

      Grant monies received from the Governor's Office
      of Urban Affairs and Development allowed for the
      support of a start-up staff whose initial mission was to
      assist in the achievement of permanent funding for the Center.

      Since its opening in October, 1998, the office has grown from
      one (1) part-time employee to one full time person serving
      as Assistant Director with a part-time staff of seven (7) workers.

      A separate Genealogy Department 
      has been
      developed and is housed in Derry, Louisiana.

      Although the Center is still seeking permanent funding,
      it has been able to secure substantial financial support
      through various federal, state, and private agencies.

      For More Details on the Louisiana Creole
      Heritage Center, click the folowing link:


      To Add Your Family Information To The
      Creole Database, click the following link:


      The main office is located on the campus of Northwestern
      State University in Room 116 of Kyser Hall.

      The Genealogy Department is presently housed in
      Derry, Louisiana (approx. 15 miles from the University).