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  • kier22_2
    May 9, 2007
      Hi Chasity,

      I am a light-skinned "black" girl with a mix of Jamacian, Colombian,
      French, Native American & I also have relatives on Grand Turk Island.
      I am older than you but I can understand how hard
      it is not fitting in in school. I didn't either.
      I went to a High School in NYC that was mostly Hispanic.
      I look Hispanic but I am not & I don't speak Spanish.
      So I looked Hispanic and all of the black kids thought group.
      I can tell you one thing that is a fact.
      Be who you are. This hard time is temporary.
      Once you are out of School it wont matter.
      Keep your head up girl & remember to stay true to who you are.
      contact me at kier22_2@... if you want to talk some more.


      Hey I'm Chasity and I'm mainly black and native american.
      I have white, italin, mexican, and jamican
      in me but I mainly am called emoblackgirl.
      I'm emo as you guys hurd from my neck name.
      Im brown skinned with diffrent lengths of hair.
      I go to Pinkneyville and I have a rough time
      there about which race I choose to act like.
      In general I have a bad life. I dont think you
      guys will understand this, being that I'm only 14.
      Well I hope you guys will contact me back.
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