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    Apr 12, 2007
      I know the U.S Census of 2000 set precedence by allowing a
      person for the 1st time in history to "mark one or more races
      to indicate what...he/she...considers himself/herself to be."
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      Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2007 10:20 PM
      Subject: [Generation-Mixed] Re: One Box Rule!

      I agree. I still see forms that ask if a
      person is Black non-Hispanic, White
      Non-Hispanic, Asian, Hispanic or Other.
      What could "Other" mean?
      Can a person asume Native-American?
      What about people who are Hispanic and
      Black or White, what do they choose?
      My solution would be to create a write-in box.
      I honestly can not see how in the U.S. there are
      people who are of 1 race/culture/ tribe/background .
      Maybe there are, but it can't be
      assumed anymore, and shouldn't be.

      Creativlit <oldshoe_bailey@ hotmail.com> wrote:

      Today my son brought me some paperwork from the
      skills center he wants to attend in highshool.

      My son is Sliammon First Nation, Ojibway
      Nation and French American. He is visually
      identified as Native American. As a matter
      of fact he has pretty much lived his life
      being a Native American person who lives
      urban not rez. He has been accused
      of being Latino and lying about it.

      I remember when he was 3 yrs old and ralized
      how racism was affecting him when he came
      inside after playing with kids and told me
      he wanted a baby sister with blue eyes so
      he could cut her eyes out and have them.
      It was pretty shocking hearing that. And
      he has the most beautiful amber brown eyes.

      Well back to the skills center papers here again
      I noticed the same problem we have faced for years.

      In the application it ask you
      to identify your race.
      It says if you are more than
      one race to choose one ONE race.
      Of course you have the option of choosing
      no race at all and leaving the box blank.

      Every where i have ever filled a paper
      out i have faced this problem.
      I have felt forced to deny half
      of me or half of my children.

      The schools my children attend if you do
      not pick one then their computer software
      automatically resets the race to caucasian.

      The impact of the One Box Rule is that there
      is no true picture of race in america.
      all the data and statistics based on race
      or how events, society or whatever is
      distributed is all skewed untrue data.

      I percieve a truer reality would show that
      more of us are Mixed-Race than those
      who are of one true identified race.

      The repurcussions of this false data flows through
      government policies of all sorts, funding, college
      applications. job statistics and much more.

      Do we really have a true picture of American
      society if we cant even offer the proper
      options for listing an individuals identity?

      I would like to see legislation on state and federal
      levels banning the use of the one box policy.
      I would like to see the option of choosing
      biracial, multi racial and the given races.

      I have seen this one place only. It was at a food bank.
      There the form ask are you monoracial? bi racial?
      triracial? and ask you to mark the races you
      identify with along with a blank or other line to
      write in races or ethnic groups that may not be listed.

      There is a huge failure to understand that there
      are more then 4 main racial groups in the world.

      The food bank I mention at a later date published
      a informal study they did using the new form.

      They stated that the demographics and picture of
      who they were serving drastically changed with
      that form and they found the majority of
      persons they served were biracial or more.

      They changed their policies in the food bank to reflect
      that to better serve the public becuase they realized
      using the old One Box Rule they were failing the public
      by pidgeonholing people into one race and whatever its
      associated perceptions of social concerns might be.

      I would like to hear your input
      on eliminating the One Box Rule.


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