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  • mulatta_loca
    Mar 12, 2007
      Welcome! I am multiracial: white/black/latina.
      I grew up with both my parents, but due to problems
      they had with their own identities, they were
      unable to help me feel positive about myself.
      Luckily I had good friends and common sense, so
      I did not become ashamed of my racial background.
      So, my point is that I don't think a person
      needs two parents to learn to love themselves.
      One proud parent is better than two self-hating ones.

      "Nikki" <msspencer1972@...> wrote:

      Hello I am from a multigenerational mixed family.
      I myself am multiculturally mixed and have 2 biracial children.
      I am very interested in reading about what this group has to offer.
      I am now divorced and no longer have my ex (his choice)
      involved in the upbringing of my children.
      My children are Black, Irish , German, American Indian.
      For those who are biracial or multicultural like
      my children, especially those who may have been
      without their biological parent....How are you?
      It is obvious one would miss their parent, but what
      can I do as a Mother to give them an unbiased life.
      I want them to love their blackness without
      denying their white lineage and vice-versa.

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