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2628Spotlight on: 'Crystal McCrary Anthony'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    Mar 11, 2007
      Crystal McCrary Anthony

      Author, Lawyer, Executive Producer for Film and TV


      While she was a young Associate in Entertainment
      Law at Paul Weiss Rifkind Wharton & Garrison,
      Crystal McCrary Anthony had an unfinished
      novel stashed in her desk drawer.

      She'd work on it late at night or on
      weekends, never showing it to anybody.

      "There are 10 lawyers in my family.
      I always knew law was an option,"
      says Ms. McCrary Anthony.
      "But being a writer?
      I wasn't so sure."

      So she represented authors and playwrights
      in their contract negotiations, secretly
      thinking she'd rather be a client.

      In 1997, she finally quit law
      to become a full-time writer.

      Her first novel, Homecourt Advantage--
      about the wives and girlfriends of NBA
      stars--became a New York Times best seller.
      She'd had a bird's-eye view of the subject, since
      she was married to basketball player Greg Anthony.
      After her divorce, the mother of two shifted into
      high gear, landing appearances on CNN, Court
      TV and Fox News Channel as a legal analyst
      during high-profile NBA adultery cases.

      "I knew I wanted to go from author to
      on-air personality to movie producer,"
      Ms. McCrary Anthony says.
      "You need to diversify."

      "She's a baby mogul in training, no doubt about it,"
      says Nathan Hale Williams, president of
      production company In-Hale Entertainment
      and Ms. McCrary Anthony's producing partner.

      Ms. McCrary Anthony unabashedly admits that
      she hopes to have her own talk show one day.

      "It's all in the master plan," she says.