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2585Re: Cherokee Nation votes to expel 'freedmen'

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  • Heather
    Mar 4, 2007
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      ...nor mine=) Heather

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      j s <creolescience@...> wrote:

      Plus they base their membership on records
      made by White government workers, kind
      of like some "blacks" today accepting
      the slave masters one-drop rule.
      It's all about money I think.

      Not my kind of club.

      Heather Stimmel <heather21230@...> wrote:

      Yeah, I have to agree!

      This is ridiculous and, like Multi, I tend to think
      it is out of racist attitudes that this is happening.
      I remember reading on their website (Cherokee)
      the qualifications you need to be officially
      registered within the Cherokee tribe, so this is
      not really a shock to me (but, in a way, it is).
      The site says if you cannot prove (within a certain
      fraction- can't remember what it was, but it
      seemed a little ridiculous at the time) that
      you are a certain (fractional) amount Cherokee
      Indian, than they will not officially
      recognize a person as a Cherokee.
      The reason I know this is, because... my son
      is part Cherokee, as am I (or, so I'm told).
      I've done quite a bit of research
      on this subject, to little avail.
      It's almost unconscionable (sp?) that they
      can actually "expel" members they officially
      accepted as "genuine" at some point in history!
      That's what I don't get???!

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