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2532RE: Self Definition: Passing As Wentworth Miller

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  • tlbaker
    Feb 28, 2007

      Wow, I can't believe that in this day and age people are so
      backward. They won't even note that he is 1/2... and 1/2...
      or whatever percentage of his mixture is or even "other"??




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      Amen to this!

      My son registered for Kindergarten and his race
      is listed as "nothing" and "blank" because
      the school will not accept that he is Mixed.
      I really wanted to scream--"What the he** do you think you are!?!"
      Seriously, think about the massive amount of denial
      people who claim to be "monoracial" live in.

      The whole world is a mixed society to some degree.
      Anyways, the school tried to pressure me to choose
      one race over the other and I absolutely refused.
      So now my son does not have a race, or one that
      they understand on those stupid forms anyways.

      All I have to say is Happy Mixed Day! Which is everyday for me :)



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