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  • Jennis Brandon-Watson
    Jan 9, 2007
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      Hey there Diane!

      It's great to see a familiar "face." I see you everywhere! :)
      And, hello to everyone else on the listserv!!
      My name is Jennis and I'm currently living in New York.
      I've always been interested in diversity and multiculturalism
      (and I too am a member of a multicultural organization,
      Theta Nu Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.)
      Recently, I've become even more interested in the expansion
      of resources for multiracial/multicultural people.
      I just got married in September to an African American man.
      I am culturally Caucasian, as I cannot responsibly separate
      myself from the benefits that this ethnicity bestows.
      However, I also strongly identify as Cherokee (Tsalagi)through
      the experiences of my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother.

      It's great to hear from everyone!

      Jennis Brandon-Watson

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      My name is Diane & I'm from Northern California.
      I'm a Filipina, which by virtue means that my
      background is Mixed with Spanish, Malaysian,
      Chinese & anyone else who sailed to spice islands.

      My son is Mixed, his Dad is El Salvadorean.
      When I had him, I didn't think it would make a difference,
      but I see times where I do notice cultures clashing.

      But I am intrigued by all cultures, religions and
      backgrounds, which is why I'm part of a Multicultural
      Sorority, of which now I am national president.

      Glad to meet you all,


      Diane Abundabar
      National President
      tiktok_9@... <mailto: tiktok_9@...> | (530) 961-3123

      Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority
      http://www.deltaxiphi.com <http://www.deltaxiphi.com>
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