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2257Re: Naomi Zack on ... Mixed-Race & The U.S. Census

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  • Heather Stimmel
    Jan 9, 2007
      I agree! Another point that really gets me, that she made in
      the article, was that... most of the population believes that
      Mixed-"race" people are the minority, instead of what they
      really are, which (I'm sure), is more like the majority,
      given the history of people today. I can't imagine
      that whites are still or have ever been the majority.
      Research like Zach's makes you think long and hard about
      why people are classified in the first place, and then...
      consider, honestly, how we, as human beings, fit into
      those "classifications." I know it's got me thinking =)
      Very, very well thought out and prepared article!!! Heather

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