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2252RE: Chicago born & raised in mixed family

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  • tlbaker
    Jan 9, 2007

      Yes, for now, I think the smell was originating from NJ as a few people were sent to the hospital as they were getting sick. I didn't smell anything personally but a few friends said they smelled the gas or whatever it is.You know what, if I am meant to die of gas or whatever, then that is my karma, I can't worry about it. No one knows what it is; however, they say it is not dangerous as it didn't set off their "smoke detector" or whatever that they have installed at grand central station, penn station, and all of the bridges and tunnels around here.




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      Hi, How's New York ? I heard there's some weird
      smell going around....like a gas or something.
      Has it been cleared yet?

      tlbaker <tlbaker@nyc. rr.com> wrote:

      Hi Yvette,

      Welcome, I am Lynne, from NYC.


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      Subject: Chicago born & raised in mixed family

      Hi everybody, I just wanted to introduce myself
      to the group and see where everyone is from.

      Does this group only talk about race
      relations, or do other topics come up?


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