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  • j s
    Nov 15, 2006
      Me, I'm going with redbone/high yella ;)

      tlbaker1 <tlbaker1@...> wrote:
      I don't think I want to call myself
      "colored" in this day and age, LOLOLOL.
      I might get a few odd looks and people
      might ask me if I know what year we
      are living in, but that's just me.

      My political racial 'identification' is
      "black" (and I didn't know I could do that
      until joining this group, thank you all!!),
      the technical, scientific,genetic definition
      of my ancestry is Mixed-Race - MGM to be exact.

      Everyone is entitled to 'identify' themselves
      as they wish, thank goodness for 2006!!!!
      We can now fill out our own census forms.
      When is the next census 2010??


      BTW, Dustin, I love your screen name,
      it is the cutest thing I have ever seen,
      docilechicken24, how did you come up w/it?


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      One thing is for sure, our positions are open
      to interpretation, there is no one right answer,
      just the one we like the best or are most comfortable with.
      With the exception I'd say, of denial.
      That just isn't healthy.


      In Generation-Mixed@ yahoogroups. com,
      j s <creolescience@ ...> wrote:

      ... You know, a Creole friend of mine once told
      me that the way she sees it (paraphrased)
      she's 'Colored' but not "black".

      "Colored" meaning not-white and 'of Mixed
      ancestry', but not "black" in the sense
      of mostly subsaharan African descent.

      She doesn't relate to the black experience
      or the more mainstream 'black' cultural
      attitudes, behavior and expressions.

      Now her sister who is more "involved" in
      the traditional ['black'] identity, sees
      herself as black with French ancestry.

      I suppose both are correct
      depending on one's point of view.

      pocadot83 <pocadot83@. ..> wrote:

      First, I am really excited that
      I was asked to join this group.

      I really needed a place where I could explore/
      discuss my feelings as a Mixed Race individual.

      Now I'll tell you a little about my
      plight as a Mixed woman who is still
      (unfortunately) confused about her race.

      A little blurb about my "race":

      Mom is -let me try to find the correct term-
      um, too hard. lol .. I'll stick with Multiracial.
      Her father is Native American (she never knew
      him) and her mom had multiracial lineage
      (black, white, and NA- the usual.
      I don't know much about my father's
      family so I can only go on looks.
      Both of his parents had fair skin with light
      colored hair/eyes, but were considered "black".

      I grew up in a predominately white area in Virginia.
      I thought that everyone assumed I was "black" because
      no one ever questioned me about my race and because
      my parents consider themselves to be black.

      It wasn't until I went to college
      that I had my `identity crisis'.

      I realized that people perceived me
      in a different way than back home.
      The girls immediately asked "What are you?"
      and I was totally confused by that question.
      No one had ever asked me that before.
      My answer was black, but they
      didn't take that as an answer.
      Then, I was lumped in the "Mix girl" group.

      I want to thank you guys for clarifying
      that being Mixed doesn't always mean that
      your parents are two different races.

      I tried explaining this to my Mixed/Biracial friends.

      They often tell me I'm not Mixed because
      my parents aren't two different races.

      I'm still coming to terms with being Multiracial.
      I often switch between saying I'm "black" or Mixed.
      Sometimes other races if I want to throw people off :)

      Well, I know that I've bored you to
      death with my Mixed complex. lol.

      Thanks for lending an ear,


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