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  • tlbaker1
    Nov 12, 2006
      Hi Pocadot,

      Welcome to the group!


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      On Behalf Of pocadot83
      Sent: Sunday, November 12, 2006 4:36 AM
      Subject: New to the group

      First, I am really excited that I was asked to join this group.
      I really needed a place where I could explore/
      discuss my feelings as a Mixed Race individual.

      Now I'll tell you a little about my
      plight as a Mixed woman who is still
      (unfortunately) confused about her race.

      A little blurb about my "race":

      Mom is -let me try to find the correct term-
      um, too hard. lol .. I'll stick with Multiracial.
      Her father is Native American (she never knew
      him) and her mom had multiracial lineage
      (black, white, and NA- the usual.
      I don't know much about my father's
      family so I can only go on looks.
      Both of his parents had fair skin with light
      colored hair/eyes, but were considered "black".

      I grew up in a predominately white area in Virginia.
      I thought that everyone assumed I was "black" because
      no one ever questioned me about my race and because
      my parents consider themselves to be black.

      It wasn't until I went to college
      that I had my 'identity crisis'.

      I realized that people perceived me
      in a different way than back home.
      The girls immediately asked "What are you?"
      and I was totally confused by that question.
      No one had ever asked me that before.
      My answer was black, but they
      didn't take that as an answer.
      Then, I was lumped in the "Mix girl" group.

      I want to thank you guys for clarifying
      that being Mixed doesn't always mean that
      your parents are two different races.

      I tried explaining this to my Mixed/Biracial friends.

      They often tell me I'm not Mixed because
      my parents aren't two different races.

      I'm still coming to terms with being Multiracial.
      I often switch between saying I'm "black" or Mixed.
      Sometimes other races if I want to throw people off :)

      Well, I know that I've bored you to
      death with my Mixed complex. lol.

      Thanks for lending an ear,

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