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1738Re: Endogamy within Mixed-Race groups

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  • barac1998@aol.com
    Nov 11 12:56 PM
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      This is a very interesting conversation.
      In my family it has been a little different.
      My Creole side became mixed in the early 19th century.
      My 3rd great grandmother was Black and
      had three children with a White Acadian.
      My great grandfather looks White and may be 3/4 White.
      He married my great grandmother who dosen't seem to
      be Creole but of Mixed heritage and very fair as well.
      My maternal grandfather  who was medium brown with
      straight hair married my grandmother who was not Creole as well.
      She was a native Californian and she had a Mulatto father
      from Indiana and a Black mother from North Carolina.
      They had my mother and her sister my
      mother's darker and her sister;s light.
      My aunt married a man who would not have married
      a medium brown woman he preferred light skin.
      They had light children and we were medium to dark brown.
      My grandfather's sister were very fair but
      they married very dark men and non Creole.
      All of my grandfathe'r siblings looked different.
      One of his brothers had light hair and gray eyes.
      One brother married twice and married a Creole and a non-creole.
      My father's side his mother was a dark
      woman and his father was very fair.
      Some of his sibliing were light some dark.
      Even some of my paternal relatives that are clearly
      Black our DNA goes back to Europe on the paternal line.
      I look clearly black with wavy hair
      and my childrenhave differnt ranges.
      My oldest sons mother is White and my wife
      is "black" and we have two children.
      Her mother is 3/4 White and father Black.
      So there are so many combinations.
      Since some of my ancestry goes back a ways it
      seems that my White relatives are 4th cousins.
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      Subject: Re: Endogamy within Mixed-Race groups

      The creoles of Louisiana and South Carolina
      tended to marry amoung themselves only.
      A lot of these habits continued after
      the Civil War into the Civil War.

      For example, my grandmother descended from generations
      of mixed people who intermarried with each other.
      Some of my relatives have kept the cycle going by
      marrying people with similiar backgrounds but a
      lot of them have married black or white as well.
      The features of my family are full of white-looking
      people with blue eyes and sandy brown hair to people
      with strong black features and many variations between.

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