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1715Re: Endogamy within Mixed-Race groups

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  • Rodney Sam
    Nov 10, 2006
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      Me too.
      My dad and my aunt and uncles didnt
      marry other creoles. They married "black".
      But, a lot of those traits have
      continued through the third generation.
      My aunt and cousin are the spinning image of my
      grandmother, fair-skinned with long jet-black
      hair and brown eyes and my dad is my grandfather
      reincarnated, copper-brown skin with
      curly/wavy hair and funny colored eyes.

      "Lynne" / tlbaker wrote:

      Yes, same in my family, my great grandparents did that
      (they believed it was what you were supposed to do,
      there was really no mixed race for generations
      and generations before it just got more white
      at least on my ggrandfather's side.

      Don't know about my ggrandmother she might be more
      of a true mgm, I am checking w/my mother on that.

      We didn't really become "black" until my grandmother;
      all my grandfather's siblings married very
      dark people and they were very fair.


      Rodney Sam / wrote:

      The creoles of Louisiana and South Carolina
      tended to marry amoung themselves only.
      A lot of these habits continued after
      the Civil War into the Civil War.

      For example, my grandmother descended from generations
      of Mixed people who intermarried with each other.
      Some of my relatives have kept the cycle going by
      marrying people with similiar backgrounds but a
      lot of them have married black or white as well.

      The features of my family are full of white-looking
      people with blue eyes and sandy brown hair to people
      with strong black features and many variations between.
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