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1713Re: Endogamy within Mixed-Race groups

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  • Rodney Sam
    Nov 10 6:46 AM
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      Thats funny ... Oh, yea ... I do have some nice-looking cousins though
      (not that I want to date them or anything ... they're just not ugly ...
      I have one sister whose a senior in high school ... She attracts
      Mexicans a lot ... which is interesting since she kind of looks like
      a dominican or could pass for a black-latino ...(thats another story).

      In regards to my family, there are all colors of the rainbows and
      variations. I think thats a part of what makes a "black" family
      beautiful I guess or a creole one a matter of fact. The diversity.
      But, I have to be careful if I meet a nice-looking creole girl though,
      because its possible that she could be related to me close or distant.
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