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1688RE: We'll keep tuning in to 'The Bold & The Blended'! :D

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  • tlbaker1
    Nov 8, 2006

      I have one great aunt still living across the street from
      where she was raised longer than I have been alive,
      Bessie Lee Boone - I can't remember her married
      name it has been so long. She is in her mid 80's.


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      I love Family!!!!!!!!!!!

      That would be grrrrrrreat!!!!!!!!.

      I told you Lynne [lol].it's possibly more likely than not.
      Have always found ''our'' history to be interesting,
      I believe we're all related, somehow
      some way ,if you just think about it....
      My daughter and I went to Richsquare
      when we were home in 03
      It still has 1 supermarket , but seen some of the
      most beautiful homes there so the town is thriving ,
      I think some of these are retiree's [city folk] tired of
      the hustle and bustle of the city. and the others are
      older folks that lived their whole lives in the South .
      Do you have any family there if so ,and you
      don't mind would you give me their last name?.
      My mom's maiden name is Copeland ,Weaver- Nickens -
      Pearce[ Pierce].are few more grandparents names.
      You remember I knew nothing of mom's father
      John Copeland.[neither she] had found this article
      with ggf's name and emailed the owner of the site?,
      Well he replied and we're related, knew the
      last name was familiar.[Jones] from the
      same neighboring town. but don't know him.,
      His father knows my mother.
      Well, anyway it's a small, small world
      [lol].it's pretty late now 2am to be exact..
      If I don't send the website tonight ... I will send tom
      By the way, his name is Marvin T.Jones
      Have wonderful Wed … will stop in tom..


      tlbaker1 <tlbaker1@...> wrote:

      I hope we are related, what about you Philly???


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      Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 10:20 PM
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      Subject: We'll keep tuning in to 'The Bold & The Blended'! :D

      OK ... (both Lynne and PhillyMom) :) ... with everything
      you seem to have in common family-wise ... now I
      really, truly am starting to think that you two really 
      may perhaps be long-lost cousins (or maybe I
      should say ... "'starting to hope" that you are).;;)

      Seriously though ... it would be so cool -- if
      you two turned out to be related somehow!!!! :D

      Not only would it be "the reuniting of family-ties"
      ... but then the initials of GM could also stand
      for both  'Generation- Mixed' AND for
      'Genealogy-Matched' !!!   LOLOLOL.;)

      Please keep researching ... because now I've got to
      find out if your mothers were like third-cousins or
      half-sisters or something -- that would be great !!=D>

      So ... (for both of you and for anyone else doing
      family genealogical research) ... please keep the
      rest of us posted as we keep 'tuned in' for all
      of your updates on "The Bold and the Blended".:)

      Also ... PhillyMom ... could you send a copy of the
      link to me as well -- and -- if you think it would
      be helpful (or inspirational) for the GM group --
      perhaps consider adding it to our 'Links' page?

      Thanks for sharing and have a great day!!

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      "tlbaker1" <tlbaker1@...> wrote:

      Hey Philly,

      You mean people actually still live in that town, LOLOL.
      I don't know, I think we are related, remember we
      found the college football player we didn't know
      about in my family. I funny, I suspected I was
      related to him when I saw him on TV, the Boone guy.
      Yes, send me the link - tlbaker1@gmail. com, thanks.


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      Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 9:35 PM
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      Subject: Re: Gouldtown , NJ : An All-American 'Mixed-Race Community'

      Hello Everyone,

      Just stopped in cleaning my mail and lo' and behold I see Rich Square N.C.,

      I attended W.S Creecy school there for a short time when my mother moved.
      They lived a little further down the ''road'' a place called [George N.C]
      Actually when you cross the railroad you would enter into another
      tiny town named Woodland N.C. which is called Northampton County

      I was born in an even smaller place of Hertford County called Tunis NC .
      Some of mother's family were and still are in Ahoskie- Winton- Cofield , vicinity.
      Most are her complexion very light some of which are blonde, brunettes and hazel eyes etc..

      Mom is now in Murfreesboro , N.C.

      Actually I have a site I could send to you if you would care to read.[family lived]

      Would take too too long post...

      Hope everyone had a good weekend...

      tlbaker1 <tlbaker1@gmail. com> wrote:

      Rich Square, NC - this was many years ago when my mother
      was a child up until circa 1975ish (as far as I can remember).
      However, the town was so small and ghost town like the only
      mixed race people I remember seeing were my grandfather' s
      family in the spooky old house, LOLOL, I am sure there are
      more people there besides them. Only family members left
      there is my grandfather who lives in NY and my great aunt
      who still lives across the street in the "normal" house
      that I would stay in when we visited 35 years later.
      It was one of those towns you would see on 95 south or
      whatever if you were on your way to a souther state.
      You would pass the cows, corn fields, etc., you could
      have passed that old house on one of your road trips.

      The house was the oldest house in Hertford County, an old
      slave master's house and part of the underground railroad.
      It has since burned down by one of drunk great uncles
      years ago; would have been long condemned by now anyway.
      I remember using the outdoor manual pump to get water, the
      1940-50's car driven into the tree was still there (I just
      now remembered that), wringer washing machine, the pig farm,
      now that I think of it the place was like a time capsule.

      Today, my aunt (mother's sister) has built a house
      on the property and goes down there for vacation.


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      Subject: Gouldtown , NJ : An All-American 'Mixed-Race Community'

      Despite the fact that the article refers to

      it by the 'One-Droppist' term of -- "Negro"
      Community" .... it is abundantly clear that
      Gouldtown, N.J. was actually a Multi-Racial
      (not 'Mono'-Racial) American community.

      :)So ... for all our members on the East Coast ...
      maybe someone could investigate to find out more
      about the history of this Mixed-Race community of
      people -- and --if you'd recommend arrangement of a 
      Gen-Mixed 'Road Trip' or other event in or near the area. 

      Also -- if you or any of your relatives are from
      this Town or County -- (or any like it) -- can
      you share with us -- more of what you know?;;)

      Gouldtown ,  New Jersey

      ( Cumberland County )

        America 's Oldest "Negro" Coummunity'
      "Gouldtown traces it's history back
      250 years to an Inter-Racial Marriage"

      Copied from 'Ebony' magazine / February,  1952
      Edition / Contributed by Lishia Durham Heard

      (NOTE: The copy below is out of focus)








      Links to more information about Gouldtown, NJ
      (as well as to a few other 'Tri-Racial Isolate' Communities)

      http://blacktowns. org/cumberland/ gouldtown/ index.htm
      www.cinewomenny. org/cinenews/ jul02/ ifshewerealive. html
      http://www.mitsawok et.com/DelmarvaA reaCivilWarPensi ons.htm
      http://www.mitsawok ett.com/FamilyHi stories/Corneliu sHandsor_ bc1804/pafn15. htm
      http://www.mitsawok ett.com/FamilyHi stories/ElishaDu rham_bc1794/ pafn11.htm
      http://www.njpinela ndsanddownjersey .com/open/ index.php? module=documents&JAS_DocumentManager _op=viewDocument&JAS_Document_ id=290

      A book has also been written about Gouldtown , NJ :

      "The Gouldtown Book"
      can be purchased at the:

      Fairfield Township
      Board of Eduction
      ( Fairton Primary School ),
      Ramah Road , Bridgeton , NJ 08302 . 

      Phone number 856-451-4990,
      ask to speak with 'Carol Gould'.

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