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1291RE: [Generation-Mixed] Victoria Rowell's MGM-Mixed Family

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  • tlbaker1
    Oct 16, 2006

      now why is jasper a griffe and maya a quadroon (is that feminine?)




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      Actress 'Victoria Rowell' and Children ---
      an MGM-Mixed All-American Family:

      Bi-racial Actress Victoria Rowell (whose lineage is seen as being
      1/2-Black & 1/2-White) is shown here with daughter, Maya (whose
      lineage is seen as being 3/4-White and 1/4-Black) and with son,
      Jasper (whose lineage is seen as being 3/4-Black and 1/4 -White).

      Just like their mother, both children are clearly of a
      Mixed-Race lineage.

      At one time in American history, Victoria's lineage would have
      been referred to as
      `Mulatto'; Maya's lineage would have been
      referred to as being
      `Quadroon'; and Jasper's lineage
      would have been referred to as being

      Today – most people would simply describe them as
      being Mixed-Race.

      Added Note:

      Like follow Mixed-Race celebrity – Misty Copeland  – Victoria
      Rowell was also a ballerina with the 'American Ballet Theatre'.

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      (MGM-Mixed=Multi-Generational Multiracially- Mixed)

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