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  • GardeniaSLP
    Aug 27 6:15 AM
      I find the comments you all have made interesting and sad at the same time.  First of all, I am biracial.  However, I grew up in Puerto Rico, where my family fit in just fine.  No one believed me when I said that I was american, so I just went along with it to, since I was there at the beginning of grade school.  In my family we were every color of the rainbow, and had a variety of eye colors and hair textures.  While some narrowminded people marry "lighter skinned people to have pretty babies, etc.", the opposite also exists.  I found that the norm was more a case of "opposites attaract."
      Ethnicity did  not matter legally, unless one was a religious or political militant trying to keep things that happened thousands of years ago alive.
      The so called "paperbag test" is still alive and well.  I just learned about it approximately 6 months ago, and was shocked.  Apparently it is still used in some school systems by administrators right around the nations capital.
      My problems began when I moved back to the US as a teenager, and continue 'til this day.  While the color barrier has left scares here, each of us are individuals and need to work on healing those scares in order to build a better society.
      When my mother comes to visit, who is caucasian of English descent, and my sister, whose father is puertorican, with her daughters, blond blue eyed and red headed with green eyes, people do not hesitate to stand dumbfounded and stare or whisper staring right at us.
      And then theres the male/female issue.  My experience has always been that when black men find me attractive and want to date me it is ALWAYS because of the complexion of my skin or the texture of my hair.  This is what they tell me. Whereas, a white american, european or hispanic man will date me because of my personality, values, and goals in life. Then others have a problem when I chose to date within specific racial/ethnic groups.  I say this because we act based on our past experiences.  And also because we should look at what is going on around us and use these issues to make changes.

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