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1160Re: [Generation-Mixed] Re: proposed comic book - "History of the Mulatto"

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  • j s
    Aug 26, 2006
      Thanks for your comments.
        One of the areas I plan to address is the almost "forced" choice many
      mixed people made in the 60's and 70's to become "black", either
      through a sense of obligation to the cause or pressure from their peers. 
        I will do an overview and see how much content I can fit in a 60 page book.
      If it appears that the content excees the space then I will keep it
      general and make second and third volumes focusing on specifics. 
      One of my biggest challenges will be how to utilize graphics
      since it won't be an actual plot driven story but more of an
      historical overview with pictures to accompany and emphasize.

      multiracialbookclub <soaptalk@...> wrote:
      Hi Jeff,

      Wow!!  This is great news and it is so good to hear how you
      are / have been coming so far along with the comic series that
      you are creating –– as well as to hear about all the areas of
      Mulatto-based history that you are planning to include in it.

      It looks to me like you most certainly have covered /
      are covering all the major topical areas – and -- what
      may be particularly intriguing for many readers –
      I think – will be their discovery (through your comic
      book) of how so many successful historical events
      and movements (such as 'The Harlem Renaissance'
      and 'The American Civil Rights Movement'; etc.) were
      largely led by those who were of a Mulatto lineage.

      Even fewer people seem to realize that (
      as sad as it
      is to have to say
      ) even the rather divisive (and racist,
      'one-drop rule' embracing
      ) `Black-Power' movement
      which was revived in the late 1960's / early 1970's and
      openly exploited by the American / Western media and
      political system to try to usurp and replace the earlier
      and extremely successful  'Civil Rights Movement'
      was also largely led by people who quite openly and
      clearly of a known (and even visible) Mulatto lineage
      (ex. Malcom Little/Malcolm X'; Muhammed Elijah; etc,)

      And – I'm sure many will agree with me when I say – 
      – I can hardly wait to see what you are creating -- it is
      so exciting to hear what your are doing and of the big
      picture direction in which you are taking this endeavor.

      -- A P


      A good resource for information on the people of
      Mulatto-lineage who were actively involved in and
      lead `The American Civil Rights Movement'  ––
      would be the VHS/DVD Video documentary series
      known as `Eyes on the Prize' (which can be found
      available at most Public and University Libraries).

      Also -- your inclusion of  some of the numerous
      (and extremely diverse) Mixed-Race that are
      largely of a Mulatto-based ancestral-lineage
      (ex. Tri-Racials, Tri-Racial Isolates, Creoles, etc.)
      -- is simply fantastic and very much appreciated.

      In Generation-Mixed@ yahoogroups. com,
      j s <creolescience@ ...> wrote:

        I am working on an all-ages ( say 6th grade and up ) short graphic
      novel depicting the general history of the mulatto in the new world.
      I will use the broad definition of mulatto as a person who is mixed
      black and white as opposed to the strict bi-racial / 50-50 definition.

        In it I plan on including the slave trade, the one-drop rule,
      history of the Creoles and tri-racial isolates, the early
      civil-rights movement (which was basically created and
      led by mulattoes), the Harlem Renaissance as well
      as the modern developing "mixed-race movement".

        If anyone has any areas they feel need to be stressed
      or ideas please feel free to write me directly.


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