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1034Re: The Mixed-Race Lineage of the 'African-Americans'

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  • multiracialbookclub
    May 3, 2006

      In Generation-Mixed@yahoogroups.com,
      "Peter Barrett" <barac1998@...> inquired:

      Can someone also tell me where the 70% of admixture for AA was found?
      … If anyone has more information on this it would be appreciated.

      Said inquiry was made in regards to the post found at the following link:

      My response:

      That's a really excellent good question and hopefully, the
      following information may be of help in answering it…. :-?

      Some of the sources can be found listed within the following link

      Other sources are also found in various other postings at this group.

      In addition, there are many other sources that also note said figure
      (both online and in print) ... some of these include the following:

      "With some figures showing 70% of African
      Americans fitting into a multiracial category,"

      Source: http://www.interracialvoice.com/editor10.html

      "Seventy to eighty percent of so-called
      "blacks" are of mixed racial heritage."
      Source: http://www.digitas.harvard.edu/~perspy/old/issues/1997/may/boxing.html

      "Most writers on the subject of American black-white
      miscegenation, for instance, estimate that seventy to
      ninety percent of African Americans have white ancestry"

      Source: http://www.webcom.com/~intvoice/zack.html

      "Seventy percent of …African Americans … are
      mixed with … mostly Scottish Irish and Native
      American, yet … defined as "black".
      Hispanics, like "blacks", have an equal
      amount of race mixing in their ethnic group."
      Source: http://www.blackcanada.com/news_7.htm

      Here is an very interesting observation made regarding
      the historical creation of the largely `Multi'-Racial /
      Mixed-Race African-American Ethnic group --

      "During slavery there were, of course, frequent
      mixed race births, many resulting from the rape of
      enslaved "black" women by white slave owners.
      Between 1850 and 1860, the "Mulatto" [i.e. Mixed-Race]
      slave population increased by 67 percent; in contrast, the
      'Black' slave population increased by only 20 percent.
      At about this time, the notion of "Hypodescent",
      or The "One-Drop Rule," became prevalent.
      This is the idea that someone with even
      one distant African ancestor is black ...
      The 1890 census added further distinctions and had
      categories for White, Black, Mulatto, Quadroon,
      Octoroon, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian.
      By 1910 the Census Bureau had eliminated the terms
      mulatto, quadroon, and octoroon …
      three-quarters of
      all "blacks" in the United States were racially mixed

      Anyone [listed] as African American
      would henceforth be counted as "black"

      Source: `Race and Mixed Race `by Naomi Zack
      (Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 1993)


      Also -- here is an interesting observation someone made:

      "Joshua R. Goldstein and Ann J. Morning, of
      the Office of Population Research, Princeton
      University, February 29, 2000, wrote for the
      Russell Sage Foundation a paper investigating
      the ramifications of multiple-"race" responses
      on the then-pending 2000 census. 
      The paper entitled, "The multiple-race population of
      the United States : Issues and estimates," appeared in
      the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 
      These researchers clearly stumbled
      on some interesting observations: 
      Classifying those indicating more "races" than one
      puts Government in a seven-way bind, either ...
      opening a way out for potentially seventy percent of
      African Americans
      to [leave] "their" Black race...

      The researchers above further noticed that
      census "race" data collection is
      [both] politicized and … arbitrary..."

      (Source: http://www.webcom.com/~intvoice/point5.html
      and the entire paper, a 96K byte PDF file, can be found at

      In addition, listed below is a perfect example of
      how statistics regarding the `African-Americans'
      are almost always completely false and erroneous.

      In this article – the writer openly makes the mistake of
      perceiving the Afro-Latino `Cultural' grouping AND the
      African-American `Ethnic' as being one and the same
      people grouping – then wrongfully combines the statistics
      of these two separate groups and then falsely presents them
      as if they are statistics about the African-Americans.

      Here is an example of one of the many erroneous
      `statistics' that can be found within this article:

      "In 1997, however, 55 percent of African Americans
      (including black Hispanics) lived in the South."

      As stated numerous times -- a person cannot be a part of the 'African-American'
      (AA) Ethnic grouping simply because they are a citizen or resident of the United
      States of America and also happen to be of some-part Black admixture.
      The AAs are a very specific and unique largely 'Multi'-Racial / Mixed-Race
      'Ethnic' grouping of people -- and groups such as Afro-Latinos; West Indians;
      African, etc. -- should not be enumerated as part of the so-called "statistics"
      regarding the AAs -- yet -- due to manipulation by the media and various
      political and government bureaucratic group -- every person in America who
      is of any-part Black ancestry is often falsely listed as also being an AA.

      This false categorization and enumeration has created a tremendous
      and unfair burden for those people who truly are of the AA Ethnicity.

      It should also be noticed in the chart contained in that
      same article that -- while `White', `Asian' and "American
      Indian" (again, another misnomer) have all been given the
      decency and dignity of being listed under separate "Racial"
      groups – and the term "Hispanic" has been listed under
      a separate `Cultural' group – only one (1) group -- the
      African-American `Ethnic', of course – has (yet, again)
      been forced to falsely `carry the statistics' for everyone
      in the United States of every person in the United States
      who is "of some part-Black ancestry" (no matter the
      true `Ethnic', `Cultural' or even `Racial' grouping)

      Actions such as found in this article – are (once again) –
      one of the very main reasons that the average so-called
      "statistic" (and even many of the various "definitions"
      …. such as the extremely erroneous "definition" found
      at the online "encyclopedia" known as `Wikipedia') –
      which are alleged to be about the `African-Americans'
      are almost always generally `false', `inaccurate' and
      `negative' and simply cannot be relied upon for the true
      state of affairs for this very diverse Ethnic grouping.

      As stated previously -- when just "any American (citizen or resident)
      of African descent" is erroneously listed as being an AA, however,
      naturally the "statistics" (ranging from --- educational grades,
      diplomas and degrees; to data on welfare rolls, recipients and
      amounts; to employment ratings; to socio-political-economic status
      and opinions; to family structure and environment; to crime, to STD
      / HIV/ AIDS and so on) which falsely claim to be in regards to the
      AA Ethnicity are then going to erroneously show "negative" results.

      Two excellent books on this subject are "Black Robes,
      White Justice" (written by FGM-Mixed New York
      Supreme Court Justice, Bruce Wright) and also
      "Don't Believe the Hype: Fighting Cultural
      Misinformation about  African-Americans" (written
      by FGM-Mixed, Reporter / Researcher, Ferai Chideya).


      Source: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Generation-Mixed/message/1032

      Hope this information is of some help in getting you
      off to a fairly good start on your research in this area.

      Have a great day. :)

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