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  • j s
    May 1, 2006
      I still use Hexadecaroon, Quintroon, Meamlouc and Mustifee - all denoting 1/16 african descent, because I am, and because I find them quaintly archaic. 

      multiracialbookclub <soaptalk@...> wrote:
      Hi Peter,
      Just wanted to let you know that the inquiries you have made
      below are extremely perceptive and very much appreciated. :-?
      In addition, they are very close to those addressed in an earlier post
      which may be of help in noting the various ways some have viewed
      the terminology that's been historically used to describe various
      Mixed-Race Ancestries (whether via 'Parentage' or via 'Lineage').
      For me, there have been many a times when I have personally gone ahead
      and written descriptors such as 'Cascos' or 'Griffe' in the "Other" section
      of the "race" area of certain forms (rather than "checking all that apply"
      and waiting to see if the person processing the form will attempt
      'One-Drop' the selections into a singular, 'mono'-racial category).B-)
      My rationale is that, if the "descriptor" provided is ever called into
      question --- then I can both see and also use it as one of those great
      'teachable moment' opportunities in which I can inform the person
      about the 'Multi'-Racial lineage of the majority of those who
      are a part of both my 'Ethnic' grouping and of my family
      as well (including that of the majority of my ancestors).;)
      So far ... however... no one has questioned anything written.=D>
      Sometimes I think it maybe a sign of progress that people are getting away
      from trying to classify others by the Racist / Colorist 'Measurements'
      of the 'One-Drop Rule(r)' -- but then it suddenly dawns on me that maybe
      they aren't questioning it because they are just under the false impression
      that there is a some sort of country out there somewhere that is called
      'Casco-sia' or 'Griffe-land'  ... or something along those lines.  LOL! :))

      Anyway -- have a great day, Peter and I hope that this
      information is both of interest and also helpful as well.

      "Peter Barrett" <barac1998@...> wrote:
      ... I was wondering are some of these terms like griffe are still being used.
      I have heard they are in Latin American countries
      ... I noticed that within this group I see terms like Cascos and Griffe for example.
      My question is do people still use these terms today?
      I thought not but I'm wondering are people trying to bring them back?


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