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Re: Debbie Dibley

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  • bakerjohnp1958
    ... John
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 27, 2009
      --- In Gene_Londons_Cartoon_Corners@yahoogroups.com, Elizabeth Morison <bmh80rn@...> wrote:
      > Judy would know the specific year. Hello Goodbye was playing as Gene was racing to the airport so it had to be after 67. I remember in 72 or 3 Gene was flashing back and he recalled how Debbie left. She was unknowwingly sitting on the trunk with the Golden Fleece when She made her "wish". It made me "wish" she'd come home to Cartoon Corners, Gene and the General store. I know this isn't Cartoon Corners or the General store, but since Judy contacted me and has participated as she has an expressed that she'd like to "hear" from all of us, in a way she has. Well, I feel that way anyway. If it were the General store Gene would Have a big banner covering up the general store sign reading "Welcome home Debbie!!!!" I'd like to think in the imaginary world of Cartoon Corners Debbie returned Just after the show left the air. Would make for a Good story anyway of what's happened during all those years.
      > It's great to hear from Debbie Dibley! I was a big a fan of hers, I remember I wanted to look JUST LIKE HER! And I felt so bad for Gene when she left the show and went to California (as I remember it) I felt like Gene had been abandoned. But I wasn't mad at her, because she was going to go to California and be a star. That's how I recall it, is that right John? What year was it that Debbie left the show? I think I was about 8.
      > Liz
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