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Re: Homesick (Sometimes) for Philadelphia

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  • bakerjohnp1958
    ... there was an old radio program called let s pretend not sure what the theme song was like. Gene is planning to transfer some of the episodes and make
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      --- In Gene_Londons_Cartoon_Corners@yahoogroups.com, "Steve Marcus"
      <semarcus1@...> wrote:
      >Steve, I'm not sure of the answer, but I'll ask Gene. I do know that
      there was an old radio program called "let's pretend" not sure what
      the theme song was like.
      Gene is planning to transfer some of the episodes and make them
      available, in the meantime check out the video from the direct page
      link in the files section under story window. click full screen to
      load video, click again for actual full screen or watch more from the
      play list. If the play list is empty, type Gene London in the search
      window and drag them to the play area to watch. these are all
      downloadable! have fun, John
      > Hi!
      > I've thought fondly about Gene and his show many times over the
      years. As a
      > professional musician, I would play the show's theme song
      and "Let's Pretend" on the
      > piano and wonder if there were any videos or kinescopes of the
      show. I remember how
      > the background music was improvised on the Hammond organ in the
      studio, just like on
      > older radio shows.
      > Now, as a 51 year old in the Chicago area with most of my family
      still living in the
      > Philadelphia area, it's great to have discovered this YahooGroup
      dedicated to good
      > memories of the Gene London Show!
      > My cousin, Mort Chavenson, was Director of the Art Studio at WCAU.
      He gave me a tour
      > of the set when neither Gene nor his organist (Dave ??????) were
      present. But it was still
      > a thrill at the time for a 6-year-old who watched Gene's show every
      > I remember preferring the original format of the show before the
      Quigley Mansion angle
      > took over. Perhaps that was simply human nature--we sometimes are
      challenged to get
      > accustomed to change.
      > Did Dave the organist (what was his last name?) or Gene himself
      write the music and
      > lyrics to the theme song and "Let's Pretend?"
      > Thanks so much,
      > Steve Marcus
      > P.S. My mother went to school with Jane Norman (Pixanne) and sang
      with her in some
      > productions at Olney High School.
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