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Re: Re: [Gene_Londons_Cartoon_Corners] A letter from Gene

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  • bakerjohnp1958
    I remember Sally s early morning Popeye show and once she had the kids on who did the voices for the Charlie Brown specials. Yes! we were shown things not just
    Message 1 of 33 , Feb 25, 2013
      I remember Sally's early morning Popeye show and once she had the kids on who did the voices for the Charlie Brown specials. Yes! we were shown things not just taught. With kindness and good humor. I had my daughter rather late (I was 39) sadly her mom passed away two yrs ago, but I try to make it as special for her as we had it and she knows about all the old kid shows and hosts and I have had to repeat Gene's clips over and over and he is a present and real person in her life too and for her it's just so magical and it Makes me feel 8 yrs old again. Have a great day.
    • Glenifer1
      I was actually on challenge . I won so I got to be on twice! Wish I could find those tapes Jenn Sent from Journeyfer s iPhone
      Message 33 of 33 , Feb 28, 2013
        I was actually on "challenge ". I won so I got to be on twice! Wish I could find those tapes

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        On Feb 28, 2013, at 9:57 AM, Mr David Mayhew <mayhew_david@...> wrote:


        Debbie, I wonder if you're thinking of "The World Around Us" hosted by Anita Klever on Channel 6.  I think the show replaced "Happy the Clown."  Later, she also hosted a weekly quiz show for kids on Channel 3 called "Challenge."
        Here's "The World Around Us" theme on YouTube:
        This really isn't the place for negatives, but here's a link to a mention of Anita Klever I found while Googling a few moments ago.  Apparently her husband got into some sex-related trouble a few years ago.  Don't know the outcome.  In any event at the time of this article Anita was in Arizona:

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        Subject: Re: [Gene_Londons_Cartoon_Corners] Memory of going to Gene's show
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        Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013, 9:41 AM

        David, I remember watching the Betty Hughes and Friends show. I loved it, But, I don't remember the year that show was on.
        Right now, I'm trying hard to remember the apartment scene that had become Gene's set. I think he still did the Cartoon Corners General Store, but only on Saturday mornings. But, I think Cartoon Corners had run itself out and Gene had started this new format. I know, I recall starting to become bored with the General Store routine, but, I was also growing up, myself. I also recall one show where his guest was Lucille  Ball.
        There was also another children's show that came about at that time and a young woman with dark hair hosted it. I recall one episode where she shoved 8 tomatoes into a tomato paste can to prove they could get Eight Great Tomatoes into that Tiny Can. It was more of a commercial for the tomato paste. The show sort of reminded me of Romper Room, but it was not exactly Romper Room.
        In a message dated 2/28/2013 8:29:13 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, mayhew_david@... writes:
        I was about 6 years old when my best friend's mother managed to get tickets to Gene's show. It was no longer the general store set, but looked kind of like a modern apartment (though my memory could be playing tricks). There was a big tilted drawing board on the set.
        Steve and I were pulled from the audience with about a dozen other kids and asked to stand around the drawing board while Gene drew a picture of a cowboy riding a horse while he told a story.  He had already sketched the illustration very lightly in pencil and just traced it with a thick pencil (the kind you can smudge with your finger to create highlights...I know there's a name for it that kind of pencil, but it isn't coming to me).
        Then he had us stand next to him as he did a commercial for a shampoo called Matey that came packaged in a red submarine (once the shampoo was finished it became a bathtub toy).  Gene said something about bubbling the hair clean and put his fingers in my hair as though he was washing it.
        The show was taped, not live, and aired a couple of days later.  It was probably on around 9am...in any event it was shown during school hours and my mother wouldn't let me stay home to watch myself on TV (I finally forgave her about a month ago).  When I got home from school I asked how I looked on TV.  My mother said I looked great, my younger brother said, "You kept licking your lips."
        Silly memories, but wonderful memories.  I'm 56 now, so that was half a century ago.
        Two more memories:
        1) in the corner of the set was a small stage about 4 feet off the floor.  It was a set for hand puppets, the puppeteers would crouch beneath, and used for a TV show called Tottle.  It was a weekly inspirational show aired on weekends where the characters (some kind of animals who lived underground, but I don't recall what kind of animal) learned a morality or etiquette lesson each week.  There's almost nothing about that show that I can find on the internet and wonder if anyone else recalls it.
        2) as a junior or senior in high school and an aspiring journalist, I wrote letters to hosts of various locally produced TV programs asking to interview them for my school newspaper. One who responded was Larry Kane, then anchoring on WPVI-TV, and I interviewed him sitting on the Action News set (I sat in sportscaster Joe Pellegrino's chair). The other was a woman named Betty Hughes.  She was the wife of a former governor of New Jersey and had a daily talk show on Channel 10 called "Betty Hughes & Friends."  I was invited to watch a taping before interviewing her (her guest that day was Jonathan Winters).  I immediately recognized the studio as the one I had been in a decade before for the Gene London taping.
        Sorry this was long-winded, but I hope some of you enjoy the memories.

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