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1896It's Time

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  • mykulmak
    Aug 1, 2013
      I think it's about time for us make some new posts here on this yahoo GL site. It's been too quiet this past month.

      So, any GL news? Where is he now? Any chance we can have him post some audio/video or info here (maybe some un/rarely seen photos?)

      Do all of your also check the GL FB page? It's fun too.


      Living here in Denver, sometime I remissness about living in Philadelphia: I've learned so much about my birth city on the Facebook site, Old Images of Philadelphia. There are many GL fans there too and occasionally a post about our dear Gene surfaces.

      So Gene London Fan Club Members, how do you spend your days? Me? I wish for someone to mail me Tastykakes and I hope to meet GL one day.
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