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1591Mrs. Noah

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  • bakerjohnp1958
    Aug 4, 2011
      I'm sure many of you already know, but Patricia Merberier.who played Mrs. Noah passed away Jun 24th..We're sorry and saddened to hear the news of yet another local celeb from many of our childhoods passing away..The show Captain Noah and his magical Ark ran from 1967-1994..What I'm truly amazed by is the fact that There were so many Childrens programs produced locally between 1960-1980.. When you
      think about it,we had Gene, Sally Star, Wee Willie Webber, Chief Halftown and though not technically a Childrens program (many children watched it) Dr. Shock..and many others..
      Even later there was something called the Candy Apple news Company and Star stuff..Now when one remembers the popularity of all these programs the truly extraordinary thing is that although Gene was on Ch. 10, Sally and Capt.Noah on Ch 6 , Wee Willie and Dr. Shock on 17 they were never put head to head against each other really. Almost as if the networks locally had an understanding about their most popular shows and stars..We the audience (For a change)actually benefitted from this.
      Wouldn't it be wonderful if Ch. 12 aired a block of these shows?(those which still exist) either on Sat. or Sun morning..I'm sure it would be cheaper for them than buying what they buy..I'm sure we would all watch with our children and grand children and give us that sense of connection and history, something else to pass on and shared memories..If nothing else a lasting way to honor our local celebrities who meant and still mean so much to us..
      Rest in Peace Mrs.Noah
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