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1250Re: Brief Planet of the Apes opening segment (one of my favorite episodes)

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  • John Baker
    Aug 9, 2010
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      Gene  opened the general store with the theme song..A box  of confetti  landed on his his head, the phone rang,., it was Mr.Dibley.. and he was angry  at Gene for eating the inventory,,,,Gene explains that he didn't,  "Oh yes, yes, you did, Dibley screams!
      look under the counter at all the opened caned goods and cereal boxes,,If it wasn't you than who?.., find out  fast..,otherwise  I'll call the police. I bet the kids did it.... find out just whose been eating my profits, otherwise I''ll fire you and find someone who knows how to handle a robber,, you rubber brained nincompoop!.  Sir, I am Not A RUBBERBRAINED NINCOMPOOP!
      Mr Dibley hangs up,,, come on kids, Gene asks the kids, look around and see if you find any opened cans or cereal boxes. The kids look and find,,and the pile grows larger,,the phone rings again,
      Did you catch them yet, No sir, says Gene.. but we found more opened cans and stuff,,and the cans smell like they've just been opened.. What? Yes sir I'll have a look round, bye sir.
       Kids, the robber may still be in the store
      maybe hiding..kids all scream! 
      Shh.. they'll hear you..I think we better get outta here!
      kid's reply; But you told Mr/ dibley you were going to search for him..
      That's just what I thought I'd do,,search outside,,
      wait.. be still.. do you hear something,?
      'sounds like an animal..
      animals can't open tin cans,,
      Where's it coming from..the basement,,
      a wild beast is sleeping in my bed down there.
      look.. footprints..  muddy footprints.. leading to the storage closet,.. you kids find places to hide..
      gimme your baseball bat..( Gene crosses to storeroom door,, he opens it
      sound effect..wild gorillas sounds.. camera zooms into Genes startled face..he can't believe his eyes
      ( Fade to black for commercial break)
      of course an ape is sleeping under  an old blanket..another stinger as Gene pulls of the blanket..the kids and Gene run out the store screaming.
      he runs  up the porch stairs to Mrs. dibleymam's kitchen door. he knocks and calls her.
      A gloved hand reaches and shakes his shoulder.. Gene is so startled . he shrieks!.. and turns expecting it to be who ever  was sleeping in the store room..