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  • bakerjohnp1958
    Feb 14, 2008
      Hi, every one and welcome to the official Gene London News group!
      this is long over due and what makes this particular news group unique
      is that Gene London himself will be involved. Over the last year I've
      been very forunate to become good friends with gene and he really "is"
      guy we all grew up with. Gene would love to hear from all of you and he
      would love to share upcoming events and the latest news concerning some
      surprises he has in store. i would love for everyone to think of the
      group the same way we did his show on sun mornings. a place to have fun
      among friends and learn something new along the way. so please feel
      free to post pictures and stories, share, discuss and relive the great
      times we had watching. A sincere welcome to all on behalf of gene and