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92Re:Regular Meeting of SIG on Surname Projects and Genetic Genealogy, 1/

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  • Bill Howard
    Dec 31, 2009
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      Jim et al,

      I am very sorry but I shall miss the next two SIG meetings. This time I have to attend a banquet at the American Astronomical Society that night (the largest gathering of astronomers anytime in history) and in February I will be on a tour of Egypt. However, at your invitation, I will be pleased to give the March talk, provided a projector can be found. The topic for Wednesday is one I regret not hearing because it's close to my current DNA analysis project. Currently I am working on the Gordon surname and on haplogroup evolution.

      With best regards to Jim and everyone, and I wish all a Happy New Year.
      Sincerely, Bill Howard

      My two papers on Y-DNA analysis have been published. They can be found at the JoGG site and you can read them also at:
      http://mysite.verizon.net/weh8/Howard1.pdf and at: