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81Re: Member Roll Call of the SIG on Surname Projects and Genetic Gene

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  • Bill Howard
    Oct 9 6:15 AM
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      Hi, Jim,

      • I am interested in the SIG group and was one of the three who
      attended the Sept meeting.

      • I missed yesterday's meeting due to a conflict.

      • Other than occasional tutorials, I might suggest asking the
      'regulars' to give a presentation on what they are doing and how it
      fits into the genetic/genealogy picture. Your discussion of the
      sleuthing about the Logans, and Marie Rundquist's sleuthing about her
      Canadian ancestry are cases in point. There are other local folks who
      might give good presentations, too. Just because someone has delivered
      one a few years back doesn't mean that they have not achieved success
      in the interim or they may have taken a turn in another promising
      direction in their work.

      - Bye from Bill Howard
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