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73Epigenetics Program at the Smithsonian

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  • Bill Howard
    Sep 16 7:17 PM
      Jim Logan suggested that I post this note to the group:
      > There will be a documentary followed by a talk on the subject:
      > "Epigenetics: The Ghost in Your Genes" by Randy Jirtle, Director of
      > the Epigenetics and Imprinting Laboratory at Duke University Medical
      > Center as part of the Smithsonian Associate's series on Thursday,
      > October 15 from 6:45 to 9 pm. Generally this is given at a site
      > adjacent to the Smithsonian Castle off the Mall.
      > Cost is $30 for Resident Members, $27 for Senior Members and $40 for
      > General Admission.

      > There are many sites on the web about this, but you might want to go
      > first to:
      > http://residentassociates.org/ticketing/tickets/reserve.aspx?performanceNumber=218154&utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=Snet&utm_content=TWTrap&utm_campaign=TWTrap&tmssource=180730

      - Bye from Bill Howard