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69Re: [GenGen-NV] Member Roll Call of the SIG on Surname Projects and Genetic Genealogy

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  • kyin48pioneer@cox.net
    Sep 15, 2009
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      1) Are you interested in future meetings of the SIG. If not, I can
      remove you from the mail list.

      I am interested.

      2) If you did not attend the last meeting, was it because of lack of
      interest in the announced subject? Conflict is schedule? Went to the
      wrong location? Difficulty of getting to Dolly Madison? Other?

      Conflict right before a Labor Day weekend trip and after taking daughter to college prior weekend.

      3) Do you have suggestions for meeting place? Change of schedule?
      Future meeting subjects? Possible presenters?

      DM is okay. Personally prefer Fairfax City since I'm in Springfield. The parking is plentiful in the garage and the lighting is excellent. Not hard for someone to take training to close after a late meeting.(I just came back from Old Dominion SIG tonight)


      Sue Smith

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