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41RE: [GenGen-NV] Meeting plans for the GenGen-NV.

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  • robert mclaren
    Apr 3, 2009
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      I think I can make the 6 May meeting. This FTDNA conference was great and
      I'm looking for some future announcements from FTDNA. As for the 3 June
      meeting, I will be on my way to Richland, Washington that day.

      Yours aye,


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      From: J. J. (Jim) Logan
      To: GenGen-NV
      Sent: 4/2/2009 6:20:15 PM
      Subject: [GenGen-NV] Meeting plans for the GenGen-NV.

      To members of the Surname Projects and Genetic Genealogy SIG and interested

      I have the Meeting Room at the Tysons-Pimmit Library researaved for 6 May
      and 3 June, after which I expect to take two or three months off for

      I plan to devote the meeting of 6 May to discussion of the recent FTDNA
      conference. I have asked Bill Hurst to lead off and tell us about his
      session at the conference and then I hope others who where there can join
      in a discussion to fill in details for those of us who were not able to
      make it this years.

      I expect the meeting on 3 June to be devoted to introductory material
      specifically for some of our newer members and guests. I told the
      attendees last night that I was interested in receiving questions and I
      will organize future meetings around these questions, and the 3 June will
      be one of these "question and answers" meetings. Depending on what
      questions I get, we could devote an entire session to a single question or
      a class of related questions. Any time left over can be used for
      "questions from the floor" or general discussion.

      Also if you have a topic of interest, please consider presenting it to the
      group. This can be done very informally, or a formal as you would like to
      make it. If you are uncomfortable in the preparateion or presentation,
      please let me know and I would be glad to work with you, or even lead the
      discussion. I have found the group to be neither shy or intimidating.

      Please send me your questions and/or topics so that I can get started with

      J. J. (Jim) Logan
      Group Administrator, J-mtDNA and Logan DNA Project
      Owner/Moderator, J-mtDNA and GenGen-NV Discussion Groups on Yahoo
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