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332Some thoughts about dating SNPs

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  • Bill Howard
    Jun 4, 2014
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      To members of this forum:

      I have developed some thoughts about how to date SNPs. After some discussions I have finished a version of a paper entitled “Great Care Required in Dating SNPs: Pitfalls and Prospects that I would like to share with you.
      You can read it at the following URL:


      I would appreciate your comments on it very much and I intend to update the paper based on the comments I receive from you. Updated versions will be posted at the same URL, but the Version number and the date will reflect any updates that are posted. I will be happy to received your comments either by email, by phone (email me for the number) or by Skype.

      I hope these thoughts will be useful as we begin to date SNPs and to order them by date. I do find this quest to be very exciting.

      - Bye from Bill Howard

      McLean, VA ; Skype: wehowardiii