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322Re: [GenGen-NV] April 2nd meeting of GenGen-NV ==> A glossary of terms for discussion

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  • Bill Howard
    Mar 9, 2014

      There is a pretty extensive list of terminology — a glossary of terms at the following web site:

      It looks like an excellent list from which to choose discussion topics.

      Kerchner has a partial list of terminology at the following web site (in the hopes of selling a book):

      There is a more extensive glossary by Kerchner at the following web site:

      There is a very short genetic vocabulary at the following URL:

      It might be interesting to copy and paste all this in a Word document and then sort them into a monstrous file! Could be very useful to us after duplicates are eliminated.

      - - Bye from Bill Howard

      On Mar 7, 2014, at 10:38 AM, J. J. (Jim) Logan <JJLNV@...> wrote:


      At the last meeting, Linda suggested the topic of "Concepts in Population Genetics".  She remembered that I has used the term "founder effect" in my presentation the month before.  The subject it probably too broad to cover in one meeting but we can certainly get started.  Please send my any terms that you think should be included and I will try to organize a list for discussion.

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