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296Re: [GenGen-NV] Int'l Genetic Genealogy Conference

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  • Jim Bartlett
    Jan 30, 2014
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      Come to the conference. I've "met" Dr Wells twice at conferences, and had brief words with him - emphasis on brief. He comes and goes quickly... 

      Jim - Sent from my iPhone - FaceTime!

      On Jan 30, 2014, at 8:24 AM, Bill Howard <weh8@...> wrote:

      I have been trying to open a dialogue with Spencer Wells about my success in extending my RCC time scale back to times of genetic interest, but I have been unsuccessful breaching the wall of his staff at the National Geographic Society. 
      If any of you can introduce me to him, I would appreciate it. 
      I have run a number of phylogenetic trees for various members of this forum and I am hoping to find someone whom I have helped to make that introduction. 
      Can anyone on this list help? 
      I am wehowardiii on Skype, and 703 532-8975, a local call from Wells' Washington office.
      Many thanks.
      - Bye from Bill Howard

      On Jan 30, 2014, at 8:17 AM, Rob Warthen wrote:


      I will also be there talking about the Methodology and tools we use at DNAAdoption and DNAGedcom.com.  I’m hoping by then you should see lots of new tools available.


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      Please mark your calendars for the subject conference in DC on 16-17 August 2014. This is the East Coast bookend to the very popular Southern California Gen-Gen Conference last year. Spencer Wells keynote, etc. Several advanced topics on autosomal DNA: Tim Janzen on Chromosome Mapping, and yours truly on atDNA Triangulation.

      I'd talk it up at the meeting next week, but have another commitment and will miss it.

      Jim - Sent from my iPhone - FaceTime!

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