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228RE: [GenGen-NV] Back to genealogy

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  • Bob Mclaren
    Dec 9, 2012



      I also enjoyed your talk in Houston, plus I also missed this meeting.  Could I get a copy of the handouts too.


      Yours aye,


      Bob McLaren



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      Thanks, Richard


      I passed out several Handouts, including the talk - would you like a copy?

      Jim - Sent from my iPhone - FaceTime!

      On Dec 9, 2012, at 7:18 PM, "Richard D. English" <richarddenglish@...> wrote:



      I planned to come to this meeting, but got tied up at work and could not leave early enough.


      The presentation you did with Cece at Houston was excellent too.  I almost attended it twice.


      Thanks, Richard


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      Thanks for the kind words. It appears my goal of reaching genealogists, without needing much biology, is beginning to take shape.

      As I indicated in my talk, I have about 500 additional autosomal Matches at GEDmatch. I have used several of their utilities, and worked out several download processes using their data. I'd be glad to lead, or help, with a presentation on GEDmatch. I haven't used all of their features yet.

      I've also tested autosomal DNA at Ancestry. I can make some screen shots and go over their process (very good tools to find Common Ancestors; but NO DNA data). I could talk/help on AncesrtyDNA too.

      The important thing is for genealogists to become comfortable and skilled using the DNA tools - it will help us all. So thanks to you for providing this forum.

      Jim - Sent from my iPhone - FaceTime!

      On Dec 9, 2012, at 1:25 PM, "J. J. (Jim) Logan" <jjlnv@...> wrote:

      > Greetings:
      > In most of our meetings, we have concentrated on the tools of gemetic
      > senealogy and their application in various projects. As was emphasized
      > in Jim Bartletts excellent briefing this week, these tools help you find
      > relatives but generally do not tell you what the relationship actually
      > is. You still have to use conventional genealogy to develop family
      > trees and compare these trees to find specific common ancestors.
      > I would like to schedule a series of meetings on the tools to help in
      > comparing genealogies and would like your help as contributors. For
      > example, I have never used GEDmatch and would be very appreciative if
      > someone would volunteer to demonstrate its use and lead a discussion.
      > Similarly, I am a former Ancestry.com subscriber but let my subscription
      > expire several years age. They have extensive resources to help you
      > extend you ancestry. Furthermore, have thousands of family trees that
      > you can tap into to find common ancestors and/or cousins that can help
      > with your research. I would appreciate a volunteer to lead me and
      > others by the hand to make good use of Ancestry.com.
      > There are, of course, many other examples. Please help me identify
      > these resources, contribute you expertise (even if it is limited) in
      > helping us getting started in using these resources.
      > You are encourages to post your ideas and suggestions to this mail list
      > for all to see and thus stimulate further discussion. You are also
      > welcome to volunteer here and solicit collaborators. I would also be
      > glad to correspond privately when that is appropriate.
      > This group was established to be a cooperative self help group. Its
      > future direction is largely up to you.
      > Jim
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