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211RE: [GenGen-NV] New file uploaded to GenGen-NV

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  • William Hurst
    Oct 7, 2012
      Hi all,

      There were questions Wednesday night about the price of the Y-DNA Deep Clade test. It may have been $89, but it's now $139. I think they would rather you take the Geno 2.0 test, which includes many more Y-SNPs.

      Bill Hurst

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      Date: Sun, 7 Oct 2012 19:37:11 +0000
      Subject: [GenGen-NV] New file uploaded to GenGen-NV



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      File : /Meeting Notes./Geno 2.0 Comparison.doc
      Uploaded by : jjlogan0 <jjlnv@...>
      Description : Bill Hurst outline of Geno 2.0 test and comparison with other available DNA tests.

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