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202Re: [GenGen-NV] FTDNA Null values

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  • J. J. (Jim) Logan
    Sep 9 6:00 PM
      This also assumes there are no hyphens in the descriptive fields. In
      the Logan DNA project many of our Paternal Ancester Name fields include
      a range of dates (e.g., 1802-1877) corresponding to birth and death
      years. These hyphens results is misalignment of the fields.

      J. J. (Jim) Logan
      Group Administrator, J-mtDNA and Logan DNA Projects at FTDNA
      Moderator, J-mtDNA and GenGen-NV Discussion Groups on Yahoo

      On 9/9/2012 11:58 AM, sidneysachs@... wrote:
      > Bill Howard <weh8@...> wrote "FTDNA is not doing us a service
      > by grouping markers in a single column -- it makes input to my
      > Mathematica tree-making program much more difficult. Many have written
      > to FTDNA requesting separate columns for the markers, but that problem
      > persists."
      > The way I handled this is download the file in "csv" format and not
      > "excell" format. Using an editor on the csv file, do a replace all
      > from a {-} to {","} and then save. Then excell or any other
      > spreadsheet can read this file. The only trouble I have is when
      > someone have more than 4 copies of DYS 464. It add additional cell in
      > that row and then I do a cut and paste to move the values of the later
      > markers.
      > SIdney Sachs
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