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192Null values in reporting results of Y-DNA tests. Experience of others?

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  • Bill Howard
    Sep 7, 2012
      One of our members had FTDNA upgrade a kit from 25 to 37 markers using a decade-old sample. Null values were returned for CDY and for DYS438. (Expected values were about 34-36 and 12.) FTDNA's FAQs state these null values "may be an actual deletion of the entire STR. It may also be caused by a change in DNA values such that the primer does not work. [...] Mutations causing null values are infrequent."

      Having three null values, that is, three 'infrequent mutations," since the Revolution seems odd. The member wonders if the aging sample has degraded, and if it would be appropriate to ask FTDNA to collect (at their expense) a new specimen from this participant.

      The member asked FTDNA about this oddity; the response was, "Thank you for bring this issue to our attention. Our IT department is currently investigating the possibility of an upload error. We hope to upload the corrected allele values shortly. We apologize for any inconvenience, and certainly appreciate your patience."

      Has anyone else experienced similar "upload errors"?
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