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140Re: [GenGen-NV] URL for websites used in the January Meeting

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  • cwterrill@comcast.net
    Jan 9, 2011
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      Thanks, Sidney.  I found your talk very interesting.  I’ve tried again to find Terrills in the Ancestry DNA database, and got a little further than before, but I’m still fairly baffled by it.  It appears that the only results available to you are those belonging to groups you join.  I found one group to join, and four members had submitted their yDNA test results, but three of the four were not “Terrills,” and the fourth was a person I already know, so all that did not get me anywhere.  I wish I could figure out how to contact Ancestry DNA “Terrill” members who are not listed as part of a group.  Were you tested by Ancestry DNA?  (I wasn’t.)  I’ll try the other databases again soon.  Ybase is new to me.


          Conrad Terrill
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