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109May and June meetings of the FxGS SIG on Surname Projects and Genetic Genealogy

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  • J. J. (Jim) Logan
    Apr 22, 2010
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      This is a special notice because I wanted to provide advance notice for
      the June meeting. We have had several requests for introductory
      sessions and Jim Bartlett has agreed to make such a presentation on 2
      June and the regular time but the meeting will be in room G104 (across
      from where the FxGS general meeting is held). So if you were hoping to
      bring friends to such a meeting, now is the time to line them up.

      Our Meeting will be on 5 May in the Library and the subject will be "A
      new small sub-haplogroup of Haplogroup J2b2-M241 with Cohanim family
      traditions" and will be presented by Whit Athey and Sidney Sachs. You
      will be receiving the normal scheduled reminders.

      By the way, I suggest we take off July, August, and September and resume
      in October. I expect to continue at Kilmer but they have not started
      their calendar for the new school year so I cannot confirm that.

      J. J. (Jim) Logan
      Group Administrator, J-mtDNA and Logan DNA Projects at FTDNA
      Owner/Moderator, J-mtDNA and GenGen-NV Discussion Groups on Yahoo