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104Success Stories from Amerindian Ancestry out of Acadia Family Tree DNA Project

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  • Marie
    Feb 13, 2010

      Miss you guys! 

      Still commuting from my home on upper I-270 down to DC every day.  Thank you for keeping me in your chain of announcements and meeting notes.  Late evenings (and snow days) are filled with genetic genealogy research -- and the following two articles highlight our Amerindian Ancestry out of Acadia Family Tree DNA Project's recent success stories (enjoy!):

      "Confirmed C3b Y DNA Results Test the Heritage of Cajun Cousin Keith Doucet"

      "Travel, Teamwork, and mtDNA Test Results add up to Emile Broome's Amerindian Acadian Ancestry."

      I remember starting out with Keith Doucet on his surname project experience after listening to a presentation given by your group on surname project studies.  I was so excited about all the relationships you could develop, and how the markers would play out among the descending generations from the original patriarch and he thought it would be great to launch our project's first surname study with the historic Doucet name at the healm.  We had very much unexpected results as you will read in our article.  Emile Broome was a "walk-in" and one whose rich genetic history provided links back to an ancestress who had eluded our project for four years, unknown to him!

      Our project has accumulated a data bank of FGS findings for our Port Royal/Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia descendant community and a host of "rare DNA" types that attest to Nova Scotia's early history and portray the composition of our earliest Amerindian and Metisse mothers in our ancestors' Acadian community.  Click here to stay in touch with the latest news and developments within the Amerindian Ancestry out of Acadia Family Tree DNA Project.

      HELP WANTED: Need specific surname study advice re: markers, genetic distance, etc.  I have a particularly challenging White (English) Leblanc (French) subject that I may want offline advice about...it's stunning. It's a perfect show of how one surname triumphs over another, genetically - but where a published genealogy tells a different story -- and so now, I must unravel -- or I will unravel.  No more to tell here...I'm very much interested in a follow-up message at mrundqui@...


      Marie Rundquist, Haplogroup A2f1a, Gaithersburg, Maryland