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Re: [Geared_hub_bikes] 8 speed hub choices

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  • Andrew Curl
    I used an SA 5spd, and frequently shifted it along the dropout, in the end I made an egg shaped washer that would go over the axle, with a second hole that
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      I used an SA 5spd, and frequently shifted it along the dropout, in the end I made an egg shaped washer that would go over the axle, with a second hole that took an M5 bolt securing through a mudguard lug behind the axle. That was my problem solved at a stroke, especially as the cables were routed along the chainstays.
      Cheaper than a new bike or hub, anyway.
      I have had frames with vertical campag lugs, and whilst the principle is great, their alignment in the frame is absolutely critical!
      -Andrew UK
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      From: horslin
      Sent: Monday, July 29, 2013 7:08 PM
      Subject: [Geared_hub_bikes] 8 speed hub choices


      I've got an SA 5 speed setup on a bike and the only problem is keeping the gear in the right adjustment. The axle is constantly slipping in the dropout, no matter how much grease and torque I put on the nuts. I am worried about rounding them off or breaking something. I've swapped the shifer a few times (flat bars to drops and back) and am running full housing right down to the hub. I've replaced the indicator chain thinking it might have damage or something but that didn't seem to help much.

      I am looking at getting rid of this bike since it's too small and converting an old 'cross type bike into a rain/winter "all in one" type bicycle for winter 'training' and errands, as well rain use in the summer. It's aluminum and carbon too, so less rust issues. I have it set up with derailleurs right now and will be using a BB style chain tensioner whichever new hub I choose for it.

      I was thinking about using a nexus rollerbrake hub, or even an alfine with cantilever brakes on the rear. I've seen a few sites advertising SA style anti-rotation washers for vertical dropouts and that has me seriously considering an X-RD8 instead of either shimano hub.

      Does anyone on the list have a lot of experience with the SA 8 speeds? Especially with vertical dropouts; I am keen on eliminating the axle slip I experience currently and I think vertical dropouts make more sense for fixing flats and fenders. I would go with another 5 speed but would like a bit more range for versatility's sake.

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