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  • Mike Bullis
    Rich-D accord on your opinion re:few decent frames for IG hubs.  When I was planning the Bleriot, I forgot to consider that the frame had verticle drop outs
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 28, 2008
      Rich-D'accord on your opinion re:few decent frames for IG hubs.
       When I was planning the Bleriot, I forgot to consider that the frame had verticle drop outs and the Singleator is my penace. It is a bit of a kludge but it works. Contrary to it being a PITA, it was a godsend after spending a week trying to find the 'magic ratio' and having no luck. I'm more concerned about having the first flat on this bike because of the drumbrakes. As for added drag, there is more from the SA X-FDD hub up front than from the tensioner.
      I have the stock twist shifter and it is indeed mounted to the righthand drop. Sheldon Brown mentioned the Hubbub, which is an adaptor to mount a flatbar shifter on a dropbar. I priced one and damn near choked at the cost. So, me and a scrap chunk of 6005 aluminum spent a half hour at the lathe and I made one for myself. An old barend shifter gave up its' clamping mechanism.
       It took a little time to get the hang of it but I've gotten used to most of its' idiosyncrocies. I would be happier if I could upshift by twisting the shifter counter clockwise instead of clockwise, but whaddayagonnado. Tried mounting the shifter backwards but the cable was in the way of my wrist. The few times I've shifted into 7th takes quite a bit of effort to overcome the internal spring. Similar to shifting my 3 speed fixed into low.
       I've considered swapping the rear cog but I like the 31/100 range. I will stick with it for awhile longer. Might opt for shorter cranks. I spec'd 165s but they weren't available so I went with 170s.

      --- On Tue, 10/28/08, Rich Wood <astronut1001@...> wrote:
      From: Rich Wood <astronut1001@...>
      Subject: [Geared_hub_bikes] Re: 'nother new member
      To: Geared_hub_bikes@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Tuesday, October 28, 2008, 12:26 AM


      I feel that few current frames other than the few with track style
      rear opening dropouts, or those with the old style of semi horizontal
      dropouts that used to be used on most road bikes, are truly suitable
      for gear hubs. I have put together a file in the Files section with
      my thoughts on the subject. The title is "Building a geared hub bike".

      Having to add a chain tensioner seems like a PITA and has to add some
      drag to the drivetrain.

      The Swobo Dixon uses rear opening horizontal dropouts and the Civia
      Hyland has Rohloff specific horizontally adjustable dropouts for chain
      tensioning. Civia also makes a set of dropouts for the same frame
      intended for other gear hubs. The dropouts on the Civia frame are
      interchangeable bolt on items.

      BTW what shifter do you have on the 7 speed hub? From one of your
      photos it looks like you have adapted the twist shift to fit the end
      of your drop bars. I believe I have a complete thumbshifter with
      cable box for the earlier version of that hub, the one that was on my
      stolen bike. Not sure if it would fit the current design hub or not.
      As far as gearing you could change the hub input sprocket to modify
      the gearing to what you want. Either Shimano or Sram sprockets should
      fit and are listed in quite a range of sizes.

      Rich Wood

      --- In Geared_hub_bikes@ yahoogroups. com, "Mike Bullis"
      <workinonitstill@ ...> wrote:
      > Rich-I've added a pic to my album showing the Sram S7 mounted on my
      > Bleriot. On it, I used a Surly Singleator as a chain tensioner
      > because the vertical dropout made getting proper chain tension
      > impossible.
      > I have considered throwing a double up front to reduce the jump
      > twixt the gears, 5th being a tad too low and 6th being a tad too
      > high. However, losing a little weight on my part would probably make
      > that unnecessary. ;)
      > mike

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