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flevobike conversion to IGH

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    There s a photo of my flevobike with it s new alfine 8 replacement of the 7 speed derailleur setup it came with here:-
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 5, 2012
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      There's a photo of my flevobike with it's new alfine 8 replacement of the 7 speed derailleur setup it came with here:-


      The chain can be tensioned by small adjustments to the bottom bracket position which is clamped to the frame. The rubber block suspension, makes insufficient difference to need the Surley singulator I brought, which is a bonus as it was incredibly noisy.

      I already loved this bike, but with the IGH it is so much nicer; the ability to quickly flip to really low gears makes getting started so much easier.

      I'm a long term sturmey archer AW user (on another bike); my experience of these is that they are pretty unbustable - I just squirt in a bit of any old 20 50 when I remember. When parts eventually wear, what needs replacing is fairly obvious and easy enough.

      I'm pretty keen to have a similar long term happy experience with the alfine, so I've been watching the debate about lubrication with interest. It would be good to come up with some definitive does and don'ts, based on hard experience. I intend to plough through the posts and put together a summary of what we have here to date that seems useful - I'll say right now that I'm an absolute non-believer in "boutique" lubricants (great moniker, whoever thought of that!).

      David Matthews
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