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Re: [Geared_hub_bikes] Re: The need for oil changes

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  • Rick Paulos
    I was a happy day when my last British Leyand car left the property. rick
    Message 1 of 28 , Jun 18, 2012
      I was a happy day when my last British Leyand car left the property.


      At 12:17 AM 6/18/2012, you wrote:
      >English motorcycles leaked too. I had a 1967
      >Triumph Bonneville which I bought new. I
      >remember British bike dealers who had drip pans
      >under every new bike on the showroom floor and
      >you could see that they were needed! Combine the
      >leaks with Lucas electrics and Smiths
      >instruments and you had a classic example of
      >vehicle unreliability. The British motor
      >industry in the USA was not killed by competition, it committed suicide.
      >As I recall the Road & Track worst owners survey
      >they ever did was the Rover 2000 TC. Over 20
      >problem areas, about 8 major including numerous engine total fatalities.
      >Rich Wood
      >--- In
      >"Paulos, Richard G" <rick-paulos@...> wrote:
      > >
      > > That stuff was the worst. I bought a case for
      > my British cars. Mistake. As some of you know
      > English cars leak. Everything and anywhere. The
      > oil that leaks underneath coats the underside
      > of the body and is referred to as English rust
      > proofing. Oil rust proofing isn't bad compared
      > to replacing all the seals and facing more rust.
      > >
      > > My first Arco Graphite problem was the new
      > leak at the back of the oil pressure gauge on
      > the dash. Drip, drip, right on a new pair of
      > white slacks on the way to a wedding. I could
      > feel the hot oil soaking thru the pants but by
      > then it was too late. I think once heated it
      > was much thinner than normal oil so it would leak out more easily.
      > >
      > > Next was my parents banishing the cars from
      > the driveway and street in front of house. Arco
      > Graphite really stains. Everything.
      > >
      > > Next was the cans leaked out all over my
      > mom's basement. The cans were paper with tin
      > ends like most oils in the 1970s and before.
      > What kind of oil doesn't prevent rust? Arco
      > Graphite. 30 years later and the basement floor
      > is still black in that corner. The rest got tossed way back then.
      > >
      > > Rick
      > >
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      > > I used to use Arcographite motor oil. Always
      > looked like the vehicle was 100,000 miles overdue for an oil change!
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